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Garden Hill Hotel: The one stop for enjoyment, relaxation and invigoration. Click for map.

Fitness - Health - Active life

Walking: We can recommend lovely walking tours close to the hotel.

Cycling: The area of Vallåkra-Landskrona is a favorite area for bicyclists, you will often see them on the road. The hotel might have bicycles for rent.

Fishing: Several tours start from Landskrona, Råå and Helsingborg

Visit - Attractions -Nature

Ven, Landskrona: A small and picturesque island 30 minutes by ferry boat from Landskrona. Bicycle rental on the island, we recommend a visigt! The ferry must be booked before the journey, places are very limited during high season.

Helsingborg: Lovely old city, pedestrian roads, breathtaking view from the tower, excellent seaside promenade with restaurants and bars.

Copenhagen/Helsingör: Ferries from Helsingborg leave every 20 mins to Helsingör, the trip takes 30 minutes. Visit the old town of Helsingör and the castle of Kronborg. From there trains leave every 30 minutes to central Copenhagen. Take a tour of a continental otherworld, visit the amusement park Tivoli and LEGOLAND and stroll along the pedestrian street Ströget. Tip if hungry: Avoid restaurants along Ströget. They are usually overpriced and low quality. Continue: Visit palaces and castles, museums and take a sightseeing boat around the coastline and the canals (hop on-hop off, the ticket may be valid for buses as well).

Sofiero Slottspark: The wonderful leafy park which used to be part of the palace of Sofiero and it's annexes. Perfect for a sweet picnic or just a stroll around. Much to see!

Vallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik: An old pottery workshop with a huge, functional oven, beautifully refurbished. It lies next to a small national park, a wonderful creek and a great restaurant. Also, a shop with hand made pottery items as well as pottery classes, on request.

Söderåsen National Park: 25 kilometres from the hotel, absolutely worth a visit.

Råå, 15 kms: This is the nearest golf course, also beaches, seaside walks, restaurants and cafes. Visit the picturesque seaside village with its wonderful 17th-18th century houses.

Borstahusen, Landskrona, 15 kms: Famous seaside walks and lovely beaches. Also worth a visit is the fort in Landskrona with its kitschy café.

Shopping- Cafes - Restaurants

Spritan, just north of Helsingborg, 18 kms: The converted liquor factory that has now become the central epitome of design shopping and good coffee, wine and dine. Contains around 20 unique and personalized shops (no shop chains)

Flinkmans Cafe: A world famous (well, almost) super kitschy café con 2-storey shop. A must visit run by Putte and Ronny .

Greta Pott: Established pottery and clay artist with beautiful artifacts in her shop. Also runs pottery classes for groups.

Väla Center, Helsingborg, 18 kms: The prized shopping mall with around 250 shops.

Enkla Ting: The famous design shop-cafeteria-plant shop round the corner from the hotel. Open Thur-Sun 11.00-15.00

Tomatens Hus, Vallåkra: A lovely Tomato based restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating as well as tomato greenhouses, a small market and a gift shop.

Erikshjälpen, Helsingborg, 15 kms: A large market for second hand items such as books, textiles, clothes, furniture, design items and kitchen utensils. Open all days except Sunday.