Our attic may now be used

Our lovely heated attic is now in a state to be used for courses, relaxing, yoga and other like activities.

Bicycles and bicycle tour packages please call +46 728 86 86 82 for information or booking

Dear traveller

We are happy that we can now offer you bicycles for rent as well as bicycle tour packages. The two offerings in detail:

Offering 1, Bicycles: Ladies or men's 3 or 7 speed aluminum frame bicycles with LED lights, front basket, baggage holder, mobile phone holder, phone charge battery pack, bell, side stand, security U-lock, suitably cushioned seat and a reflective vest. Price 90 SEK/day.

Bicycle rucksack, medium size, SEK 30 per day.

Offering 2, Bicycle tour package: Bicycle, food pack with vegetarian pie, sourdough cheese baguette and coffee/tea thermos as well as a 33 cl bottle of still water. Price: 200 SEK/day

More information or booking? Call/sms to +46 728 86 86 82 or email to welcome@garden-hill-hotel.se.