NVC in Vallåkra – c/o Istanbul

Related imageWe just met some lovely people, Gulnihan and Sezer, in Istanbul, Kabatas and we have agreed to create an NVC event in Sweden. NVC (Non Violent Communication) is a communication method that helps to open up communication, lower barriers and resolve conflicts. It is also known as “the Giraffe and the Wolf” communication method.

The event is planned to happen sometime between May 2019 and October 2019 and it will be the first of its kind in Vallåkra. It is expected to last over a week end and will contain interactivity, exercises, role play and case studies. //Sven Wetter – contact person, 0046 728 86 86 82


High tech entering ECO-tech

Our policy is simple:
We use technology to make staying with us safe, hassle free and ECO friendly. Our rooms are wirelessly connected to a central control unit. Intrusion alarm is wirelessly connected to a central alarm unit that automatically messages the responsible persons. Emergency escapes are well signposted. Firefighting equipment is readily available. The rooms have the latest RFID lock/unlock technology.
ECO products wherever we can: Own controlled and certified water wells.  Solar panels that heat the water and the building. Pellets burner to minimize energy expenditure and a geothermal heating system on its way. Foodstuffs are all ECO certified and preferably from local producers. Vegan, lactosefree and gluten free alternatives always available.
And of course, you, our guests, are always the prime inspiration to making our hosting even better.
Sven Wetter, the welcoming team

Planning has started for the geothermal heating system

Hello everybody
We are now in the planning stages for the new geothermal heating system that will take care of 85% of the hotel:s needs for hot water for heating the spaces, showering and more. The remaining 15% will be handled by the solar panels, the  two high efficiency stoves and the pellet burner.  All in all, great efficiency and a very green footprint on the environment. Installation is planned to happen in August 2018.
In the next 5 years we also plan to erect a mini wind generator that will handle 80% of our electricity needs as well as supplying green energy to the public grid.