High tech entering ECO-tech

Our policy is simple:
We use technology to make staying with us safe, hassle free and ECO friendly. Our rooms are wirelessly connected to a central control unit. Intrusion alarm is wirelessly connected to a central alarm unit that automatically messages the responsible persons. Emergency escapes are well signposted. Firefighting equipment is readily available. The rooms have the latest RFID lock/unlock technology.
ECO products wherever we can: Own controlled and certified water wells.  Solar panels that heat the water and the building. Pellets burner to minimize energy expenditure and a geothermal heating system on its way. Foodstuffs are all ECO certified and preferably from local producers. Vegan, lactosefree and gluten free alternatives always available.
And of course, you, our guests, are always the prime inspiration to making our hosting even better.
Sven Wetter, the welcoming team